about us

LUMI LAJT is functional wear, the alternative to reflective vests. we combine fashion with the additional function which is to ensure visibility and safety at night. we use special latex paint and reflective foils which allows applying graphics with complex colors and shades

reflective fashion

for many reflective clothes and accesories are unwearable because of it’s unatractive apparel. we transform reflective fabrics info fashion that chaneges under the influance of light and looks different during a day and night. that’s how we encourage to wear reflective clothes and stay visible

how it works

our clothes don’t gleam in bright environment (e.g. during a day) and it looks like sportswear with colored graphics. in darker environment it starts to reflect light which gives the impression of silvering. if surrounding is darker the reflection of light is getting stronger

why you should wear reflective clothes

mostly we don’t think much of our visibility when we’re outside the house. No matter if we’re pedestrian, bike driver, skateboarder or anyone else who  spends time in fresh air we should be aware how important it is to be visible.

The main reason of car accidents with pedestrians, bikers etc. is being unnoticed. Visibility determines the reaction time of a car driver and stopping distance of a vehicle.

Man wearing dark clothes with no reflective parts is visible in vehicle lights in a distance of 20 m. When wearing light clothes – the visibility is 30 meters. The visibility of pedestrian wearing reflective elements is significantly higher and increases to more than 150 m.